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Kintaro Restaurant



Kintaro Sushi & More


162 m2


Oradea, Romania



Photo credit

Andreea Iancu

The main idea was to come up with an unusual way of combining the japanese traditional elements with contemporary forms and objects. The biggest attraction of the dining hall is the more than 9 meter long sushi and drink bar with “sculpted rock” made from concrete and equipped with a black japanese roof and shelves with traditional joinery. In the middle of the bar hangs the logo of the restaurant which shines in golden sparkles, which is an important aspect because the name "Kintaro" means "golden boy". The bathrooms reflects the contemporary style, forms and colors which we boosted up with green plants, pretty tiles and big mirrors to visually increase the space. The "Japanese Experience" room preserves the traditional Japanese tone for special events and unique experiences. This room's all furniture is made from wood, textured walls, warm colours and has more than 200 hand made origami cherry flowers hanging on the ceiling.